Objective of the Society

The objects of the society shall be:

  To infuse the zeal of research benevolent activities amongst the younger scientists of the area.
  To organize different programmes on Family Welfare
  To work on domestic, stray animals and wild lives for their welfare.
  To disseminate amongst its members information on all matters pertaining to the forestry and environment science, encourage and assist, extension of information by publishing such proceedings, journals, booklets and other publications as may be deemed fit for general information and hold meetings, Seminar, Symposia and Workshops.
  To promote the advancement of forestry and environment science disciplines and development of technology for application to the problems faced in forestry and environment science for general welfare of the country.
  To ensure co-operation between scientific academics, institutions, non-Govt. organizations, Govt. scientific, forests and wild life departments in promotion of forestry and environment science.
  To engage in investigation and research activities in forestry and environment problems for application and promotion of forestry for: Greening of the country. Poverty alleviation. Development of weaker sections particularly development of women and children. Conservation of all fragile ecosystem to achieve sustainable development.
  To constitute and establish fellowships, scholarships and awards to the outstanding forest and environment researchers, students and social workers, who will contribute substantially to the promotion of forestry and environment.
  To disseminate the valuable knowledge on Yoga, Meditation and Nature Therapy with the help of recognized doctors and other authorized experts in the fields.
  To uplift the socio-economic status of the countrymen, establishing a well-organized research laboratory to provide extensive extension services.
  To uplift the socio-economic status of the countrymen, by providing suitable training programmes for Self Employment and improve their living standard.
  To disseminate the valuable knowledge and research findings amongst the people and maintain Data Bank.
  To act as a technical support organization providing relevant and consultancy services.
  To undertake the work of publication of Bulletin, Journals, booklets, books and other publications as may be desirable for general information.
  To run schools / coaching centers / training centers/ balwaridis, etc specially in rural and backward areas for imparting education, adult education, training, etc for the people without any type of discrimination.
  To work on Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation programmes.
  To work for Tribal Development.
  To work for Public Health ie on RCH, Child Care, AIDS Awareness, etc. and to establish Charitable Health Clinics.
  To work on Waste Management Programmes.
  To promote Advocacy Programmes at various levels.
  Strengthening and enhancing Capacity Building of non-governmental organizations and facilitating effective networking.
  To issue appeals and application to raise money and funds for promotion of the aims and objectives set-forth in the memorandum of association.
  To do and perform such other acts and things which may assist in or may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives collectively or individually.

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